City to Surf
Posted Tuesday 26 Jul 2016 by Colin Wilson
CALLING all city to surf volunteers

Hi everyone volunteering/marshalling for the city to surf is not only lots of fun but it also brings in much needed funds for our club which goes back into supporting our runners.

We usually get to Marshall the red or yellow group so, if you still want to to run it you can do both but we do need those that help out too.

Please let us know by responding to this email and complete the whs form below.

City to Surf WHS

Alia Karaman has more details on email
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Endeavour Cup location change
Posted Monday 27 Jun 2016 by Colin Wilson
Hi All
The circus is in town and the Endeavour Cup has to move to make room. Therefore Miranda Park is out and Grays Point is in.

The Endeavour Cup run will now be held at Grays Point starting right next to the Local Public School at 109 Angle Road Grays Point.

Course is a fire trail with a few hills. It will still will be an enjoyable afternoon; you may want to car pool as parking gets a bit tight.

Race times.
1km - 1.50pm (No Points run for little kids)
2km - 2.00pm
3km - 2.15pm
5km - 2.35pm
7.5km - 3.10pm

So a little further to travel but the rewards will be a run in or near the national park.

Colin Wilson
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Endeavour Cup
Posted Saturday 25 Jun 2016 by Colin Wilson
Hi Red and Whites
Next weekend we run for the highly regarded Endeavour Cup. This is contested between Sutherland, Randwick, Illawong and St George Athletics Clubs. It is held on one day over 4 races and has a complicated formula which means if you have many runners and if a few runners win or are close to winning that club wins the cup.
Last year St George won this cup for the first time in the 30 or so years of the competition. Therefore next week we will defend the cup at Miranda Park starting on the Boulevard near the health centre. It is hosted by Sutherland this year. We will confirm times soon but it will be roughly as our usual times. So we need as many runners to turn up next week so we can successfully defend our honour. Also this is the last race before the Super Series so if you look like winning on points you need to be there.

Colin Wilson
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State Cross Country (Long Course) Championships
Posted Monday 13 Jun 2016 by Colin Wilson
Hi Guys

Just a quick note to make sure you all are aware that the State Championships at Nowra are not on the 25 June as per our program but 26 June. That is on a Sunday not a Saturday as usual. This was re-scheduled after the printing of our program. ANSW and LAC are working together on this event. This has ramifications for how ages are treated and their categories.

Teams are based on the four fastest times, it would be handy to let our Distance Secretary know if you will be running as Masters runners can run down ages if they think they are a chance at a medal.
These championships are a great day out. They are on at Nowra. So a beautiful drive followed by a course on a purpose built cross country facility. All the details can be found at this link.

State Championships
On line entries close midnight Wed 22 June; on the day entry is $10 more.
Now the best part of the day is the fantastic pumpkin soup available at the canteen. I really will have soup on my face if they are not making it anymore.

Colin Wilson
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